3 TED Talks to Inspire Your Inner Globetrotter

TED Talks have always been a favorite of mine, especially in the recent years when I caught the travel bug. Hearing about other people’s experiences of walking the world or immersing themselves in a variety of cultures, has kept my flame of travel lit. Here are 3 amazing and uplifting videos from Rick Steves, Robin Esrock, and Luis Vargas to help you feel inspired to get out there and see the world beyond your television screen!


Rick Steves: The Value of Travel 

Rick Steves has made many important points on the value of travel, after spending 4 months a year for the past 30 years living out of his suitcase. He emphasizes how travel opens us up and helps us not only connect with the scenic physical nature, but with the culture and the people from completely different regions that we are so used to. “Fear is for people who don’t get out very much”. It’s more useful to immerse yourself into a brand-new culture, than to be fearful inside your home for your whole life. You need to go to foreign countries so different from your own, to understand fear and love. I highly recommend watching this one, and listening to his travels from Iran to India, to El Salvador and Denmark.


Robin Esrock: Learn To Travel – Travel To Learn

Robin Esrock made the decision to do a 12-month round-the-world trip after a physical tragedy life him a hefty amount of money. Throughout his travels, he asked 1736 people from all different backgrounds and cultures what their biggest regret was. The most common answer was not traveling more during their lives. He says he had a wake-up call, that no one is getting any younger, and that our lives have been mitigated by routine that we’ve become comfortable with. It’s important to never second guess decisions that could push you forward, that wherever you are right now, is where you are supposed to be. That being said – if where you are doesn’t feel right, then change that! Life is short. Also check out his TV series, available online “World Travels”.


Luis Vargas – Travel More & Buy Less

Luis Vargas wants us to invest more in experiences than in actual “stuff”, pointless objects that won’t mean a thing in a decade from now. Exploration, discovery, and adventure are essential for human development. Without that, how would we fully understand how the world works, and how we can fully react to it. So many people make the excuse that they are “too busy” to travel, yet they are not too busy to spend money on physical assets, instead of mental assets. Enriching experiences are overthrown by the want of an abundance of wealth. But it should be the opposite. Travel helps you create a better understanding of yourself, those around you, and how you truly perceive the world. One of the main excuses people don’t travel: no money. Well yeah, because it is being spent on STUFF, things that will do nothing for enriching your mind. I really enjoyed this talk because I have always been the type who would rather travel than go on a shopping spree. Or buy second-hand clothes instead of designer in order to save a few extra dollars for a trip. Travel is honestly the BEST investment for every single person.


If you have any other TED Talks that you find useful when thinking about traveling, send me a message – I would love to have a look at them!

Happy traveling to all, it’s the best thing we can do!!

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