What to Pack in a Carry On

I’m currently writing this post while looking out the window over the Pacific Ocean. Yesterday was the day that was a long time coming, the day I packed my bag and boarded a plane to Toronto. From there, I sleepily boarded what would be a 16 hour flight from Toronto to Taiwan.

So that’s where I’m at right now. After 8 hours of tossing and turning in a little window seat, which isn’t a problem at all with the beautiful view out the window (and cheap wifi) …and earplugs. Honestly, this is my first flight that’s been longer than five hours, so I wanted to be overly prepared, just in case!

So without further a-do, here’s a list of essential items I find important to remember when boarding a plane that you can’t get off of for a heckin’ long time:

  • Travel pillow, earplugs and eye mask (these are a godsend, I cannot stress enough how nice it is to block out the outside sights and sounds while trying to sleep comfortably)
  • Headphones, all electronic chargers and external battery
  • Laptop and camera (never place any valuables in your checked baggage in case it doesn’t end up at your destination)
  • Sweater and extra socks… airplanes get friggin’ COLD, though most long haul flights will provide a small pillow and blanket
  • ALL YOUR IMPORTANT PAPERS AND DOCUMENTS, don’t wanna be screwed when you get to immigration and are missing some papers
  • That being said – extra copies of passport and travel insurance
  • Some damn good books to read, or crosswords, or puzzles – heck whatever fancies your eye and will keep you busy! **Good book to read: You are a Badass, by Jen Sincero**
  • A notebook or journal to write down how excited you are to touch down in funkytown and get the travelling started
  • Medications or pain relief (I get bad headaches sometimes so Advil is my saving grace)
  • Empty water bottle – they only give small cups of water on the planes and you wanna stay hydrated or you may get cranky like me
  • All them hygiene products (toothpaste, sanitizer, deodorant – let’s not be smelly)
  • SNAX AND LOTS OF EM – my favourites are trail mix, protein bars, and chocolate… duh.

Seat wise – I, myself, always prefer the window seat because you get a view and somewhere to rest your head. Obviously it has its cons when you gotta zip to the bathroom but both girls beside you are fast asleep (this happened multiple times on my flight). So choose what you think will be more beneficial for you!

Also – there will normally always be an in-flight meal provided (I flew with Eva Airways and can honestly say they had the best damn plane food I’ve ever had). Eat because it’s included in the price!

Packing smart will help make any flight go by quickly and efficiently. And if you overpack and overthink your items like me, well it’s better to have a little extra entertainment than nothing at all! Luckily, most flights will also have in-flight movies and games to play, I spent two hours trying to finish a dang sudoku puzzle on the monitor in front of me. It’s all about the prep and the mindset! If you think there’s an item I’m missing on the list, send me a message and yell at me for not adding it, I’ll thank you anyways! Happy travelling to all, it’s one of the best things we can do in life!!

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